Millet Hurricane Shutters Welcome

We are the inventors of the Accordion Hurricane Shutter. We are certified by the Wind Tests on the USA and we count with the district permits that certifies our security and efficiency. Its proved that our hurricane shutters can hold on to 268 MPH. 17 years manufacturing and installing hurricane shutters, elaborated with resistant stainless steel and aluminum bolts of the highest quality.

European Compact System | Millet Hurricane Shutters

European Compact System

The difference of the compact system to the monoblock system is that the compact is an independent product of the window

It uses guides called simples (to the exterior) leaving the drawer on top surface of the window, hiding the guides on the frame of the window.

The use of this system lowers the costs of the final price of the product but it changes the view of the shutter’s guide profile

It’s advisable to make a projection on a way to hide the exterior of the drawer, in order to also hide guides if you want to respect the original view of the window

Technical Data

Even though the measures of the drawers are the same in the compact and monoblock system, it will appear on a bigger size in its use as a compact, because when the windows moves to the guideline it increases the viewing of the drawers surface to the interior of the home 







It covers all of the necessities you’re looking for, be part of a new style of security and comfort