Millet Hurricane Shutters Welcome

We are the inventors of the Accordion Hurricane Shutter. We are certified by the Wind Tests on the USA and we count with the district permits that certifies our security and efficiency. Its proved that our hurricane shutters can hold on to 268 MPH. 17 years manufacturing and installing hurricane shutters, elaborated with resistant stainless steel and aluminum bolts of the highest quality.

Security Shutter | Millet Hurricane Shutters

Security Shutter

Our aluminum folding shutter system increases de security levels of your Windows. The shutters incorporate in its final or terminal lama, locks on both sides that immobilize the lamas in its locked position

The lama counts with a multipoint closing system that avoids the shutter rises from the exterior. The motorization systems are susceptible of including them on the category called intelligent.

With this system you could go on vacation and be sure your will be Safe

It’s a European system that allows the folding of a shutter or a curtain, in the interior of a drawer and integration with the use of the lateral guidance of 5.7 inches, with a window and a foldable mosquito net.

Our monoblock foldable shutter system are especially recommended for projects and new constructions. Thanks to this system’s monoblock guide allows you to build with any type of window, with the advantages that the foldable European shutters offers and the comfort of our foldable mosquito nets 

Contamos con tres sistemas de persianas europeas enrollables de aluminio 

  • Monoblock System
  • European Compact System
  • Exterior Compact System
  • Big Dimensions System

Technical Information

The design of our drawers Winblock and Euroblock makes up the mark of the drawer and both to the exterior of the wall

Even though the measures of the drawers are the same in the compact and monoblock system, it will appear on a bigger size in its use as a compact, because when the windows moves to the guideline it increases the viewing of the drawers surface to the interior of the home 



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It covers all of the necessities you’re looking for, be part of a new style of security and comfort