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We are the inventors of the Accordion Hurricane Shutter. We are certified by the Wind Tests on the USA and we count with the district permits that certifies our security and efficiency. Its proved that our hurricane shutters can hold on to 268 MPH. 17 years manufacturing and installing hurricane shutters, elaborated with resistant stainless steel and aluminum bolts of the highest quality.

About Us


On Millet Hurricane Shutters we have more than 20 years of experience on the manufacturing of hurricane shutters always offering punctuality delivering the product, also as a specialized and personalized service guaranteeing the quality of the materials we use giving them durability and anti corrosion

MISSION: Offer an efficient service to our customers, giving them priority and using the highest quality material with the end of assuring our client that he will be obtaining security, protection, comfort and the guarantee of our brand

VISION: To consolidate the leading enterprise to a Regional Level on the manufacturing and distribution of hurricane shutters, highlighting the quality of our products and a excellent service. 



The hurricane shutter shows up for the first time in Mexico in the year 1989 when his inventor, Mr. Pablo José Millet Rodriguez ( Founder of our enterprise) sees the need of creating a anti-cyclone protection system after the hurricane “Gilberto” hit the coasts of Cancun, Quintana Roo in 1988

When he saw the damages caused by the hurricane and the constant vulnerability of living on a risky zone, an idea emerges on creating a system to protect doors and windows against winds and objects picked up by the wind

After a couple of designs Millet Rodriguez creates a folding shutter of aluminum which by its design and materials, it was resistant enough to hold strong bursts of wind in case of a hurricane. To materialize his idea he flew to the United States where he gets in touch with Seaview Industries Inc. on Miami Florida. Whom at the time was associated with Knezevich and Associates Inc. Tests where applied on wind chambers to establish the limits and top speed bursts resistance that the new invention could hold

The results proved that the shutter can hold on a first floor winds up to 268 MPH. The shutter its finished and approved on the 25th of April in 1989. Back in Mexico the shutter is installed as it’s known today as a Accordion Hurricane Shutter type. This is promoted amongst neighbors and friends of the Millet family. Since then and until now the efficiency of the anti-cyclone system has been proved, holding hurricanes like Isidoro (Sept. 2002) and Wilma ( Oct. 2005).

At the moment the Hurricane shutter has gained popularity proving that it’s a reliable investment for over 20 years .



It covers all of the necessities you’re looking for, be part of a new style of security and comfort