Millet Hurricane Shutters Welcome

We are the inventors of the Accordion Hurricane Shutter. We are certified by the Wind Tests on the USA and we count with the district permits that certifies our security and efficiency. Its proved that our hurricane shutters can hold on to 268 MPH. 17 years manufacturing and installing hurricane shutters, elaborated with resistant stainless steel and aluminum bolts of the highest quality.

Products | Millet Hurricane Shutters


The aluminum European shutter are a product of European quality.

Available Colors:White, Ivory, Champagne, Bronze, Custom Made.

*Contributes to the thermic and acoustic isolation of your home
*Gives you the control of solar light entrance to the interior of your home
*Protects windows and doors against Hurricanes 
* It contributes to the security, taking care of your investments
*Takes care of the intimacy of your home
*Increases durability of furniture, floors and curtains avoiding the direct contact of the sun light.
*Improves your rest allowing total black out of the rooms in your sleep hours
*30 years durability 

Hurricane Shutter Types:

  • European Shutter
  • Foldable European Shutter
  • Anti-Hurricane Shutter
  • Security Shutter
  • European Compact System
  • Exterior Compact System
  • Big Dimention Systems






It covers all of the necessities you’re looking for, be part of a new style of security and comfort